Revive ’17 is sold out! We understand that women are searching for tickets to purchase, and others may need to sell a ticket. Remember, Revive '17 tickets are non-refundable; however, you are welcome to sell—at less or equal value—or gift your ticket to another person. Please note this important information regarding selling or buying Revive ’17 tickets:
  1. Revive Our Hearts is not responsible for the physical ticket transfer or exchange of any monies between the parties involved in a ticket transaction.
  2. Revive ’17 tickets (conference wristbands) will be mailed in July to registrants who purchased tickets at
  3. If you agree to sell your ticket(s), as the original ticket purchaser, it will be your sole responsibility to receive your registration packet and then mail it directly to the person who has agreed to purchase your ticket(s).
    • For assistance with international contacts, please contact Revive Our Hearts Customer Service by calling 1–866–842–8381.
  4. The registration will remain under the name of the original ticket purchaser. Note that you do not need to update or change the registration name with with Revive Our Hearts.
    • The wristband ticket is all you need to check into the conference.
    • The original ticket purchaser’s name remains on Revive Our Hearts’ final registration list.
  5. Ministry Partner tickets are non-transferrable. Please email Customer Service at if you are unable to use your Ministry Partner ticket.
  6. While Revive Our Hearts is not officially facilitating these transactions, we are happy to provide space for those conversations to take place. We are directing inquiries for selling and buying tickets to the Revive ’17 Facebook Event Page.